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General Discussion » Tracking Crests » 1/22/2016 4:18 pm

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Good find, that's pretty cool.

General Discussion » Guild Wars - Torch - Titan » 1/21/2016 4:41 pm

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Since Guild Wars follows Torch Battle... here's the rough timeline and why we do it.

Early in the day on Torch Battle, we get to about 120 torches and hang there, it could be less if the top guilds have less.  The goal is... stay out of the #1 position.   If we get into #1, we need to allow hits enough to drop, but then recover to that 120 torches point that puts us in the top 20 but not the top 3.

At 19:00 game time, we stop hauling, in extreme emergency, Tammy or TDR or I might ask a few members to send ONE.  This is so that we all have all of our hauls at 20:47

At 20:47, we all haul on five semi-weak targets.   Hey, it's the benefit of being in a good guild that we can run over some smaller guilds, and this guarantees us our 200 torch cap without getting slammed.

This strategy evolved because the weaker guilds all hit Guild #1 in a futile effort to drag them down, and most of the best guilds have a truce not to attack in the top 20 (to counter what the weak guilds are doing).   We've been in the #1 position in the past and fought off waves of attackers, and while this is exciting, there's no guarantee we'll have enough members on to pull it off.   The rewards for Torch are good, so, it's in everyone's best interest to max the rewards every time.

At the end of torch, or boss that same day, we start gearing up our bases for Guild War.

You want your base fully garrisoned and ready to defend before midnight (24:00) game time.

I usually test my base against some stronger guild members and it's held up strong against some really good players, but, last night, Jan 20th, TitanGod ran my base over for 100% without a loss.   Description below.  Note that in Guild War, it's important to target the highest might foes, even if they are in 3 different enemy guilds, and restart before 50% if it looks like you might lose, or too many heroes die.

I watched the replay and noted a few things.

1 - He lead with Vlad, not Skull Knight.
2 - Vlad hit his lif

General Discussion » Gorge and Mesa Invites » 1/12/2016 11:48 pm

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Additionally... what defines "success" for a guild like TDR?

1 - Active members
2 - No cursing in chat
3 - Respect
4 - Making every reasonable attempt to help and include members when time permits so that nobody is repeatedly cut out
5 - Having a great track record of running boss
6 - Having a great track record on guild events

I've personally missed... 2-3 torch battles in total since inception.  To my knowledge, we've failed to get 100% two times.   We've run boss considerably late... maybe 2-3 times in the entire time I've been with TDR

And for those of us who are older members, we all poured tons of shards into leveling TDR to it's max level.   If you've joined since then, you have it easy, and TDR is working to help you get stronger.

From what I've seen, the guild, largely, is succeeding on all 6 of those above points and continuing to try to succeed on those points.

General Discussion » Gorge and Mesa Invites » 1/12/2016 10:59 pm

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So, I'm all for people, when they have time, making the effort to call teams, and make sure they run with the first three people who called in.   I try to do this.  Let's all try to do this.

At the same time, it'd be great if everyone can also remember that this is just a game.   I've been jumped on mesa and gorge at least a dozen times in the last few months, likely by accident when 6-7 people call in a short timespan... or when someone calls in, there's a delay, then they go off to do a HBM.   The gorge or mesa owner sends out a second or third invite, and someone jumps in.

People who call "first sub" for gorge and mesa don't always stick around for the chance.  Maybe they jumped into Lost Realm, or logged off, or started doing arena runs.      Honestly, this problem is more an issue of poor user interface design and experience from IGG.   They could allow for chat in the team event rooms, they could allow for specific invites from a list of friends, but, IGG didn't do that... so it's messy.    Let's not allow IGG's sloppy interface design to cause arguments between good people.   Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but, my typing lags really bad in chat.   I'll type a bunch of letters, and they show  up 2 seconds later misspelled with extra spaces.   I can type 70 words per second on a keyboard so the chat lag in text annoys me... plus I'm old fashioned and prefer a keyboard.   This, coupled with chat scroll, makes it tricky for me to track who is out and who is subbing in.

I've been guilty of jumping in on a spam invite, thinking the owner is looking for a replacement, then having someone say they got jumped.

It's really important to try to remember that TDR Guild isn't a household of 5 year old brothers and sisters all fighting for the last piece of candy.  Many of us are adults who have kids or wives or husbands or things that draw our attention away from chat for 30 seconds and we just miss something.

If I've ever line ju

General Discussion » Why Cupid is still useful, even with cooldown heros. » 1/07/2016 10:00 am

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Many people are dropping Cupid from their arena or LB or LR teams and it's understandable given that Cupid isn't as must play as he used to be.

In Arena play though, when I've made #1 a few times, it's been with a team of Cupid, Harpy, Dread Drake, Pumpkin Duke, Aries, and Warlock.

Aries is now finally 5/5 revite.  Warlock and Aries have a cooldown.  Harpy and Dread Drake don't need Cupid for energy... so, why Cupid?

Aries seems to target the highest level heroes.   My Cupid is 4/5 revite, and my Aries is 5/5 revite.   One of the two tend to be missed by Aries.   My team is designed to slow and harass the other team "off lane" though it can win head on, it's much more likely to win not-head on.  Since you won't be head on 66% of the time, this is good.

Cupid helps this in the following ways.   If my Aries reaches the opposite side first and fires, Cupid reaches shortly thereafter and charges Aries back up.  This makes him ready to proc again the second his cooldown is up.   He won't need one extra attack or something, he'll just proc ASAP.   Cupid also helps PD to stack.

And if the other Aries, or Candycane, or Mino, does manage to proc, Cupid is often missed (Mino can't hit, and Aries and Candy go after highest level).

If you've kept your Cupid and Aries lower level (after evolving) than other heroes you are running with, it's likely that they're helping ensure that your Aries goes off first.

I used to run with Santa Boom in place of Cupid.  With Santa Boom's 6/8 War God, and highly evolved damage, this would more than make up for Cupid right?

Except this...  Cupid + PD makes my Harpy, Warlock, and Dread Drake all hit HARD.   They can't actually be ignored or shrugged off when buffed by both PD and Cupid.   Don't forget that Cupid boosts damage too, and, in small teams, Cupid is going to stack on all your heroes.

So if I add Santa Boom, then the Harpy, Warlock, and Dread Drake all do moderate to ignorable amounts of damage.   And Sa

General Discussion » Guild Wars » 1/06/2016 3:49 pm

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With Guild Wars coming up... 24 hours... 2x a week, it looks like it's going to be us vs 4 random other guilds from the top 2,000 guilds.   This'll be another case where active players are happy to be part of TDR, as, we normally work together to perform well in Torch Battle and have a great track record there.

It does look like we'll all have to prep-up a raid unfriendly base for Guild Wars and make sure it's set up prior to the start of the Guild War day.    I have some of the better Green and Blue garrisons that I've seen out there, so, I'd expect my towers to be pretty sick when actually attempting to stop a raid rather than just stop HBM.

Higher level buildings, towers, and garrisons are going to help for Guild War, as well as prepping a good area team like Pumpkin, Cupid, Mino, Santa, Vlad, and SM... or Dread Drake, or Harpy.   Skull Knight is always handy for his ability to destroy another team single handed, and Aries will be useful for any high ranking foes who have 6 high revite heroes stashed on bases.

Prepare that people will not always have easy raid bases out there, like, where over half the base isn't protected at all by the towers.

Working up a few easy to level greens and blues for garrisons by using shards and sacrifice heroes isn't a terrible idea.

We should make it so people don't want to draw TDR in their 4 possible opponents.


General Discussion » Gorge » 1/06/2016 3:43 pm

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We almost always win Gorge 3 now.

General Discussion » Counters to 5/5 Revite Aries » 1/06/2016 3:34 pm

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That's right Naysayers...  the 'proc on hit' effects are designed to give people a fighting chance against high revite aries.

General Discussion » Reviewing the newer heroes. » 9/26/2015 8:01 pm

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Aries - He's not that new anymore.  5/5 revite Aries is completely game breaking at high levels.  Aries procs, shuts down the other team, and they're dead or 90% dead before the proc fades.  He shuts down secondary talents and crest talents so it's not just the main powers.   What does every top tower holder in Lost Realm and every top 80 Arena player have in common?  They all have a 5/5 revite Aries.   Aries without 5/5 revite is entirely beatable by many teams though, I've got a bunch of combinations that can sometimes work with my 4/5 revite Aries.   IGG game designers are basically morons for not adjusting Aries so that he doesn't affect Talents and crest sets too.   Either that or they just don't care, because, people spend sick amounts of money getting this 1 in a 1000 talent.

NOTE:  I do have a 5/5 Aries now and was able to achieve #1 in arena three times since then.  I've also retaken all my Lost Realm towers, even from insanely powered players like Lando HB or Eric Da Awesome or 61Y

Warlock - This guy is next to Aries in terms of game changing.  It swings a whole fight to split up the enemy team, prevent some of their debuffs, and deflect big damage.   If 3 of your heros deflect 30% damage to area damage heroes, they are nearly dead from their own abilities.

Treantaur - Put as high of a revive as possible on Treantaur.  You don't need Revite.    You need revive + health or attack speed.   This means, he'll fill up while the enemy team is killing him, hopefully outlast Aries, and when he revives, he'll generally get off one attack, which procs.  This revives your entire team!   Sometimes that's enough to make a comeback even vs tough teams.  In a match you are already winning, you revive the 1-2 guys you lost, and shield the rest.  Treantaur is a great BACK ROW hero that you want to proc about 6-7 seconds into a battle.

Skull Knight - Wow.  This guy can single handedly kill 2-3 other heroes.

General Discussion » Counters to 5/5 Revite Aries » 9/15/2015 12:53 am

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Starting this out as a place to discuss potential counters to 5/5 Aries teams if you don't also have 5/5 Revite Aries.

If he survives in the back row on a powerful stun-team of revivers, the tree might be left alive by the time Aries broken proc finally finishes, he'll revive your team, and finally, you can compete on an equal playing field.

My Treantaur counter to 5/5 Aries teams is something like:
- Destroyer out front, he has 5/5 retribution, so if it goes off, he slows the "Aries broken auto death" that occurs before the proc finishes.  His 5/8 life steal default also helps him to last, plus he reflects damage too.
- Atlanticore behind that... he has 8/8 revive, and Treantaur revives him.  The Atlanticore's proc lasts 6 seconds so it can help withstand another Aries shutdown if it fires first after a revive.
- Vlad Dracula beside Atlanticore.  With 6/8 life steal, and revive crests, Vlad can revive, stun the other team, and allow some other heros to proc.  He's also tough to kill 1-1, and his stun helps to counter a lone Skull Knight if Vlad survives with help.
- Skull Knight beside Vlad.   With 6/8 Berserk and 3/5 Life Steal crests, and an already high attack rate plus 8/8 revive default and damage cap, if Treantaur revives the Skull Knight, and it procs, it can often be one of the last few surviving heroes, and, if it is, Skull Knight is pretty much impossible to kill 1-1 or even 1-2 in some matchups.

Warlock +

If you have a 4/5 revite Warlock and/or 4/5 revite Aries to go with, and the enemy broken 5/5 Aries is in the back row, sometimes you can get a 4/5 Warlock in the front row, away from the Aries, to proc first.  If you're lucky, and he protects your Aries, then, you can proc Aries first too.

And everyone knows, unless the enemy team is carefully crafted and extremely lucky, the first high level Aries to proc, assuming decent teammates, wins.

Aries is like playing rock, paper, scissors, and sucker punch to the throa

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